Perfect Wisdom in a Drop of Rain



The drop of rain falls from the sky and onto the earth. It sinks into the ground and nourishes the tree. It passes through the tree, through its veins, through its cells, giving it life, then leaves as a vapor. It rises up to the sky and freezes. It becomes a drop of snow. It falls onto the earth into the soil, it waits for spring and melts, flowing through the ground into the river, from the river into the ocean. The sun shines and that water warms up, becoming a vapor, rising into the sky and becoming a drop of rain once again.


This is the transformation of life, of dharma, of all things. They change form, coming and going, leaving and vanishing. The forms change but the essence is immutable. That drop of water can be defiled by a thousand things, the wastes of the tree, the dirt of the soil, pollution in the sky, the salt of the sea, but as it changes forms it leaves defilement behind and becomes pure once again. It can be consumed, or evaporated, but it is not destroyed, it changes forms countless times, experiences countless things, but for millions and billions of years it will still be water, being soiled and purified over and over again.


As the earth is destroyed that drop of water will no longer exist. Just as it wasn’t really a rain drop, or a snowflake, or a river, it wasn’t really a drop of water, it will break down into atoms, and energy, and transform once again, and flow once again in the realm of space. And when the universe is destroyed it will change again. Never defiled, never destroyed, always flowing and transforming, into realms beyond imagination and conception.


This is the dharma of a drop of rain, the dharma of all things. This is the dharma that can go anywhere, from the heavens to the earth and back again, into space, and beyond the universe. The dharma that be in any place, that can occupy any state, that can be defiled and pure, hot and cold, nourishing and deadly, moving and standing still. This is the dharma that is indestructible, experiencing all states and all positions, but being at all times beyond them. The supreme, the perfect dharma of unassailable wisdom. The truth in all things.


We are the drop of water in the dirt, soiled and confined. That process of finding the river, finding the sea, receiving the sunlight, and becoming light, and pure, finding the sky, doesn’t happen in one moment. It takes time. That drop of water might have many lifetimes before it is released from its form and made new once again, but whatever its outward state, the perfection of its nature never changes.


For us human beings the process of transformation and purification can take many forms and paths. There is one destination and different ways to reach it. And there is one path, that is exceptional, quick, straight, pleasant to walk on, unsurpassable for it effectiveness in transforming and purifying human beings.


This path finds the truth everywhere, the teaching relies on all experience. Thus we can come to see all perception as the path to transforming and purifying ourselves, developing compassion for all beings that are our teachers, and finding hope in all situations that lead to our transfiguration. Isn’t this something good? Something noble? Something excellent? To see the release of suffering everywhere, the path to purification, transformation, and wisdom everywhere, what could surpass it?


There is the formless, and also there is the form. There is an ineffable, ever present reality of inner perfection, and there is an outer world, of words, ideas, experiences. To walk on this path we use the form to reach the formless. Progress is easiest with a guide, someone who has been at your level, and the supreme level, and can help illuminate your journey in between.


Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma Helped me Succeed in the Marine Corps


I would like to give my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi for teaching me and allowing me to practice his Esoteric Buddhism Dharma. Ever since I began following the Holy Master in November 2010, I have been continually helped and blessed in every aspect of my life.


Between the good luck I have enjoyed, and the personal development, physically, mentally, and spiritually that I have undergone in my time as the Holy Master’s student I can only describe his Dharma as truly miraculous.


In June 2011, I attended training camp at Parris Island South Carolina for the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is the most elite branch of the United States Military and has the longest and most difficult recruit training program.


The fact that I even had the confidence to attempt to join the Marines is a miracle. I had thought about it from time to time when I was younger, but I never thought I could do it. Before meeting the Holy Master I was very depressed in life, and I hardly had the motivation to hold the most simple and low paying jobs, much less join the most difficult branch of the military.


However, during the first 3 months as Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s student my physical and mental strength increased dramatically, and I was able gain the confidence and strength necessary to enlist.


Marine Corps Boot Camp can be a very difficult place, filled with mental and physical challenges. However, during my time there, I was blessed and protected constantly, so that not only was I able to successfully complete my training there, but also do so in relative comfort and ease. This was partly because of the good luck I enjoyed and partly because following Holy Master strengthened and prepared me for the challenges that I faced.


Before I met Holy Master I weighed 121 pounds. When I prepared to leave for Boot Camp a few months later I weighed 145 pounds. Following the Esoteric Dharma gave me the energy and motivation to exercise, and also gave my body the ability to quickly add muscle and build the stamina and endurance that allowed me to pass all the physical challenges with ease.


During my time at Parris Island we experienced the hottest summer on record with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at or near 100%. This created a miserable time for many of the recruits, but somehow, even though I wasn’t used to such heat normally in my home state of New York, the heat and humidity did not bother me, except for 1 or 2 times. My only explanation is that practicing the Esoteric Dharma improved my body’s circulation and ability to handle excess heat.


The mental challenges of Marine Corps training involved being screamed at by our Drill Instructors in way meant to bring stress to everything we did, having our dignity and self-importance stripped away and getting along with 80 other recruits prone to arguing and in fighting in the midst of constant stressful and miserable conditions.


For many of the recruits these posed a big challenge, and some couldn’t take it, or struggled to adapt.


From the beginning, the training and perspective provided to me by following Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi and his Esoteric Dharma allowed me to remain calm in the face of stress, keep my sense of humor in humiliating circumstances, and work together smoothly with my fellow recruits. In fact, many people, both my Drill Instructors and fellow recruits, remarked that I was always positive, motivated, and never complained or did anything purposely wrong.


What really makes this all remarkable and miraculous is that before I began practicing the Esoteric Dharma I was a completely different person. From thinking and worrying too much I was always feeling very stressful, even in relatively calm circumstances. I was totally unmotivated and was always looking for reasons to quit and excuses for why I shouldn’t work hard or apply myself. I had a very big ego, and was always looking down on other people and finding reasons why I was better than them, and always criticizing and belittling them.


However, after following Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi and practicing his Esoteric Dharma I have been able to see the error of my ways, and receive the healing and guidance to make a complete turnaround in my life and develop my good qualities so that I could enter an environment as difficult as Marine Corps training and make it a success.


Not only did the Dharma strengthen me mentally and physically, but I also enjoyed many instances of good luck, this was the biggest one:


Soon after I arrived at Boot Camp I became sick. This is normal for recruits because many people are living closely together and they come from different parts of the country bringing bacteria and viruses that others haven’t experienced before. However for me, my illness quickly became serious and I developed pneumonia. Luckily, I recovered fairly quickly, but I missed too many days of training while I was sick and had to be sent back to a different unit than the one I started with.


Things were looking bad for me because the last day of training I had completed was day 8 and the only unit available to join was on day 0. This would mean starting my training all over again and pushing back the day of my graduation by 4 weeks. I practiced and I prayed and something strange happened. The Drill Instructor in charge assigned me to a unit that was on training day 18. This was only one week behind my original unit, so my graduation was only delayed a short time. No one I talked to had ever heard of a recruit being sent forward in training like this before, it was a miracle that allowed me to complete my training and be reunited with my family and friends without a big delay. My only explanation is that following Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi and practicing the Esoteric Dharma wholeheartedly bring good luck and good fortune.


With endless thanks and praise I bow to the Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi for helping me, healing me, guiding me, empowering me, and protecting me. I want to use everything I have learned and every benefit I have gained from Holy Master’s Dharma to help others like he have helped me.







Maha Meditation Class in Upstate New York


Despite of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Maha Meditation is going to hold a new class on September 6 in Upstate New York.


Many of those who are pursuing spiritual development, holistic wellbeing and direction of life, and who are seeking business opportunities from the cities in the East, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore and so on, have arrived in the city of Amsterdam, NY, waiting for the exciting event in this peaceful small city.


“I’m going to continue the advanced class after the class on September 6. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been practicing One Day Two Practices and Three Chantings Dharma when I was in Foshan (a city in Guangdong Province); the result is terrific.” said Yandong Li, 36 years old, a manger of a strategic planning company. He is staying in a local hotel.


“The retreat class following the one-day class will last for two weeks. I’ve been waiting for it for more than a month!” said Amy Cheung, a real estate agent from Hong Kong.


The One Day Two Practices and Three Chantings Dharma, the entry level of Maha Meditation, is widely spread in Asia by Holy Ziguang Shang Shi’s disciples. A nearly 1,000 attendees’ Dharma Convention was successfully held in Hong Kong on August 6, 2011. A large number of the visitors coming recently have attended that Convention and already been benefited from the Dharma practice.


It is said that the Maha Meditation introductory class is condensed in one day. It will teach the coming students the proper practice method, which can help them start to build up inner strength and physical health.


Under current economic circumstances in the US, this “spiritual travelling” or “pilgrimage tourism” can be considered one way of boosting local economy.


About Maha Meditation


Maha Meditation is derived from Guang Huan Mi Zong Buddhism, founded by Holy Ziguang Shang Shi. It originates from ancient India over two thousand years ago, a direct lineage from Sakyamuni Buddha. Maha Meditation’s focus is to heal diseases and allow each individual to connect to the divine message of life through their own path and understanding. Therefore, it is for everyone in the world, without distinction as to race, religion, gender or age


By Cassandra


September 3, 2011 | Posted in: Events |

Wonderful Practice Experience


On August 20, 2011;10 a.m. I lay back on my bed to meditate Holy Ziguang Shang Shi. After guidance from Mark, I felt comfortable enough to let myself be open to the experience. Closing my eyes and clearing my mind I began to listen to the words on my MP3 player.


Comfortable with pronunciation I started to repeat the words to myself imagining an image of Buddah in my mind with a glowing purple and gold light emanating from the image. The light pulsated and I felt a need to adjust my hand position to cup each other, thumb pointed to the other. Returning to the image held in my mind previously I found the words Holy Ziguang Shang Shi flowing off my tongue like water pouring over a water fall.


Minutes into this I felt relaxed but a huge flow of positive energy coursed through me. Suddenly I see myself setting in a Lotus position in orange monk robes in the center of a room. Around me are thousands of others meditating as I was dressed in orange monk robes. Calm and peace flowed through the room. I opened my eyes in this vision to see the people around me and could not find the end of the room. Beautiful sandstone colored walls and buttresses expanded from the center of the room I was sitting in the middle of. Slightly startled I stood only to be guided by the monk in front of me to relax and return to my meditations. Curious I sat still watching as the monks began to glow and seemingly to float like balloons inches off the floor. Bright white lights surrounded them. The experience was so real I feel I was actually physically setting there.


After ending my meditation and reflecting on what I had seen I was excited and wanting to go back.


I write this to share my experience and to say thank you to those who work so hard to share this knowledge and making it possible for me to have access to it. This has encouraged me to continue meditating Holy Ziguang Shang Shi and hope someday to thank you personally. I hope to share what I have learned with others for it is a wonderful gift. Much gratitude and appreciation I send to you.


Be Well.




The Most Wonderful Gift in Life


Dear Holy Ziguang Shang Shi


I would sincerely like to thank you for offering me your special gifts. For over five years I have had a harsh anxiety. This very same anxiety has constantly kept me from sleeping through the night. I honestly wish that was my only issue. However, this lack of sleep had led me down the darkest of paths and I was not making the most prudent of decisions.


When I was first introduced to the art of letting you into my life I was extremely happy with the outcome. I noticed substantial improvements immediately. Now I no longer have night sweats that soak my bed and I do not feel ill on a consistent basis. I am so relieved that I neither vomit in the morning nor wake up drenched in sweat. I feel at peace.


I thank you for making me feel healthier and more energetic. I am doing much better things in my life now that the worry and constant anguish is gone from my soul. I am now running again and my appetite has returned. I will honor your gift by telling others about how you have helped me and by helping out those who cannot help themselves.


Truly Yours,