50 years’ Asthma Healed without Medication


Linda Torres, from Amsterdam, NY, was 57 years old, a grandmother of seven adorable children. She had been tortured by asthma for 50 years, using several steroid inhalers at the same time. She had to use the inhalers four times per day, as well as stomach medicine. Every month, Linda had to go to hospital for oxygen treatment and high-dose steroid therapy. She had to carry the drug bottles and jars with her, and once she was fired because of carrying the inhalers at work. She had tried many different methods, but none of them could really help. Life was miserable for her.


One day, Linda saw a sign in the hallway of a mall that read “Guang Huan Mi Zong Three-Tier Health Yoga Dharma Class“, which could quickly relieve many diseases. She heard a voice said, “Go ahead.” And she immediately decided to give it a try.


Before the first day of practice, Linda was still using her asthma spray. During the practice, she felt very hot, like fire burning her neck and chest, a rapid increase in blood pressure, but she was not worried and remained calm. She also saw red and white light flashing before her, as if light was entering her body to treat where the illness was. At the end of the practice, all the heat was gone and she felt very comfortable. She did not use her inhaler when walking back home. She felt very happy.


As a volunteer of this class, I helped the students by answering the questions they came up with. Linda showed me the inhalers the second day of the class after she told me her stories and the incredible experience and effect she received. Those feelings and experiences were unprecedented for her.


Linda said, her blood pressure before the class was 170/100, the next day down to 160/90, and on the last day was 145/80! That was totally amazing for her!


The next day, Linda brought her daughter to the class. At the end of the class, this young lady found the pain in her feet and knees was gone, and she became much happier and more relaxed.


Linda shared her gratitude with us: “I am very happy now and more at peace with myself. Before my body felt like a ton of weight on my shoulders; something dragging me around and holding me back… but I tell you after the three days with the yoga dharma, I’m feeling very good about myself and now I am a brand new person. I believe and know I am getting healed and will be healed of all my sickness and I know I will be free from all this sickness. Thank you everyone. I really enjoy this and I will keep in mind every step on what to do and what I have learned.”