A Strong Affinity for the Dharma


Honorable Holy Ziguang Shang Shi,


I have been interested in and practicing Eastern philosophies for some years now. I came to the first three day Dharma series out of curiosity. After the first class I thought that this is wonderful but because I am blessed to be a healthy man, I mistakenly thought that I wouldn’t really need this Dharma and went home and went about my life. During the class we did a meditation and were told by you, Holy Master, to focus on our particular ailment and pray that is be gone. As I really have no serious ailment, I just prayed for peace and love. The next morning I realized that I felt so peaceful. The feeling was quite noticeable and I had forgotten about what I had prayed for during the meditation we had done. Then I suddenly realized that I prayed for this in the class. Well I could only think about you, Holy Master after that realization and knew from that point on that I have a strong affinity for this Dharma. I went to the next class of course and have gone to a few classes now. I have had e-mail exchanges with Elise and she is wonderful and has answered all my questions and urged me to continue to attend even if I was in relatively good health. I thank her for that.


During one of the classes we were given the Secret Code and when I got home it felt as though I had electricity running through my veins. I had so much energy.


Now I don’t seem to need as much sleep. I am waking up after six hours of sleep instead of seven or eight, feeling refreshed and have much energy throughout the day. I still carry that sense of peace also. I have been doing my own style of meditation and was happy with it but now I am following the Holy Master’s meditation closely and I can really FEEL the difference between the two. I feel really good and peaceful. I have realized so many benefits from these classes and would urge anyone to attend. I am practicing what we have learned daily and can feel the results.


The people who are a part of this spiritual community have made me feel so welcome. I feel that I have made many friends there in a short time.


Sincerely,Your honorable mission for health and peace for the world is very exciting and essential in this critical time in history and I am honored to be playing a small part in that by attending these classes. If it is my destiny to go further with you, and I feel that it is, that would be fulfilling a burning in my heart to assist people transcend their suffering.


Thank you for everything that you are giving to our planet and all the Beings who reside here.


Fred Midgley