At a loss for words



Greetings Holy Master


It is not often I am at a loss of words or a cogent verbal response.


Words, written or verbal are not adequate nor effective to describe
the subtle, yet profound change/energy shift(positive) Holy Master
Ziguang Shang Shi affected within me being during the class this past


IM not sure what happened, but whatever happened has a had a very
positive effect on my mood and energy that is palpable.
When I awoke this past Sunday Morning I had an outlook, a sense about
life I have not felt since my 20’s(age)


During the Saturday meditation I experienced for perhaps a few seconds
only what I can describe as something “magnetic” above my eyes at my


A kind of pulling in and letting go…..I have this sense that life is

OK , something words just cannot describe, something one just lives
with an internal knowing, subtle but profound.


On Sunday after class, it was difficult to give an on camera response
because what I experienced seems beyond logical or material


It is great to know the sacred exists in the universe or to be
reminded that is does, .


Perhaps the best thank you is practice of this Dharma, as the best act
of sincerity.


I look foward to volunteering help to this Buhddist community as well.
Thanks again, Blessings and tranquility



Bill Knott