Prevalence of Obesity


An estimated 32.7 percent of U.S. adults 20 years and older are overweight, 34.3 percent are obese and 5.9 percent are extremely obese.

Between the late 1980s and today, in obesity in the United States, increased from 23 percent of the population to approximately 34 percent.

National Estimated Cost of Obesity

According to a study of national costs attributed to obesity related medical expenses accounted for 9.1 percent of total U.S. medical

expenditures in 1998 and may have reached as high as $78.5 billion.

Obesity Related Diseases

80% of type II diabetes related to obesity

70% of Cardiovascular disease related to obesity

42% breast and colon cancer diagnosed among obese individuals

26% of obese people having high blood pressure

Childhood Obesity Running Out of Control

4% overweight 1982 | 16% overweight 1994

25% of all white children overweight 2001

33% African American and Hispanic children overweight 2001


Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma has special healing effect on obesity if the practitioner follows the instructions and keeps on practicing correctly every day.


A testimony from a practitioner:

A Fat Man’s Story


Year 1993 was a special year for me. It was the year I first got to know about Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma. I have already experienced many obvious changes and improvement physically after the first level . This health program is very special as there are higher levels of Dharma practice, while the result from the first tier is already very powerful.

I was a sports instructor. Although I had physical training everyday, I still had a lot of physical illnesses such as eczema (skin infection). The infection and itchiness worsened during rainy days or when I did not have enough rest. Also, I was overweight. I had difficulty moving around with the weight of 180 lbs. I had been through a lot of physical training trying to lose weight but it was no use. Every time after basketball training, I was too exhausted to walk up the stairs. I was growing old fast.

But my energy and strength came back just after practicing ten days of the first level of Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma. The eczema (skin infection) disappeared, and my weight dropped from 176 lbs to 163 lbs. It felt like I was back to life.

Now I am able to go through extreme basketball training for several consecutive days. My skill is greatly enhanced. I can jump higher and aim sharper. I don’t feel tired anymore after the training. Sometimes, I went through two hours of non-stop training without rest. If I felt a bit tired, all I needed to do was to practice the health dharma for 20 minutes, and my energy would be back immediately. It almost felt like I have not started the training yet. The most obvious feeling I gained from the practice was that it could quickly restore my energy level and improve my general health. I used to take a nap in the afternoon everyday in the past, but this is not needed anymore with the daily practice of the first level exercise.

I am able to wake up earlier than before while sleeping for fewer hours. This is the greatest thing Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma has offered to mankind. I am not the only one who gained that experience, all the other members who joined the program had their physical strength and energy levels restored. When I told my story about Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma to others, all those who have witnessed my changes wanted to join the program too.

I believe Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma is priceless, its immeasurable value and benefits on mankind can only be seen with eyes of wisdom.

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