Healthier People Initiative

Guang Huan Mi Zong has launched the “Healthier People Initiative” in order to improve people’s quality of life, in terms of physical, mental and spiritual health. The aim is to help those who are not healthy become healthy, and those who think they are healthy become even healthier.


Government spending on healthcare in the United States has been skyrocketing for decades, increasing by over 1000% in the last 30 years. And yet, despite the huge expenditures that are threatening to cripple government, businesses, and individuals, some in the medical profession have made the shocking prediction that the generation of Americans being born today will be the first in history to have a lower life expectancy and worse health than their parents.


Taking a look at our friends, family, coworkers, and fellow Americans, or for many of us, even a quick glance in the mirror, reveals a disheartening picture. A huge and growing proportion of the country is overweight, and suffering from the many complications that result, such as hypertension, and diabetes. Many others suffer from combinations of other diseases, such as asthma, allergies, migraines, and so on, that degrade the quality of their everyday lives.


Together with physical diseases, Americans are suffering from an epidemic of mental diseases. From depression, to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, panic attacks, addiction and beyond, millions of Americans are tortured everyday by their own mind.


The pills, injections, and surgeries that are the results of trillions of dollars of medical research and spending can often provide only a superficial relief to the symptoms of illness, and cannot give patients a real cure.


It is not just individuals who are unhealthy, but the whole society is becoming increasingly strained, economic woes, political tensions, breakdown of traditional family and social ties, the increasing frequency of senseless acts of violence, and so on.


The natural world too is becoming increasingly unbalanced from pollution, depletion of natural resources, extinction of species, extreme weather and natural disasters.


Thankfully, there is hope.


The Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma taught by Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi is supreme in the world for its ability to relieve physical and mental illness, and promote excellent health, without great cost, or the use of chemical or surgical remedies.


Based on the practices of meditation and cultivation of spiritual energy perfected in India and China for thousands of years, Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma is a shining light that can bring health, youth, and good fortune to the people of the world. It strikes at the root of illness, not just healing, but revealing the true causes of our diseases, and developing the virtue, compassion, and wisdom of practitioners.


Previously taught only in secret, in a world where esoteric knowledge had to be guarded to prevent misuse, Holy Ziguang Shang Shi has seen the suffering of the people of the world, and responded with a plan to introduce the profound benefits of Health Dharma worldwide. He has made the bold prediction that with adoption of his health initiative, the health care spending of a nation could be decreased by 60% or more, and the quality of life, and health of the nation could be improved dramatically.


We welcome any government or business leader who wants to make a change and is ready to take the first step toward realizing the dream of peace, health, and harmony for the world.


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