I Needed to Make a Change


Dear Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi,


 Thank you for the opportunity to learn the basics of Guang Huan mi Zong from you and allowing me to visit the beautifully peaceful shrine. I am extremely grateful for the experience and will always treasure it.


I came to you for the experience and teachings because I am interested in learning to help better myself and do good. I have been going through a difficult time the past several years and when Mimi Owyang introduced me to Betty and Miao Si in San Francisco I was able to learn from them and take that experience and energy to start changing things that needed to be changed in my life. I am continuing to make the necessary changes and am searching for the additional strength, focus, and validation to get me through it. I believe learning from you and receiving the light from you will help me get through it. I welcome any advice and feedback from you and would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you again for all that you do and for this wonderful experience. I look forward to learning further from you in the future.