Luck and Protection from the Buddha


Dear Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi,


I wanted to thank you for teaching me so many things and protecting my family and me. About 4 weeks ago, the raining season started in San Francisco. I ride my bicycle to work 6 miles each way to downtown SF. One morning at the top of the stairs at my house, the floor was wet and slippery. I was leaving my front door and began to walk down the stairs, carrying my 25 lbs bicycle, when I slipped and fell down my front stairs. When I slipped, I fell forward but miraculously with each step falling forward, each footstep landed perfectly on a step and in 3 perfectly falling footsteps, I landed to the bottom of the stairs, safe and sound. I didn’t twist my ankle even though I was foolish wearing sandals, still carrying my bike with two hands. Amazing! I had a feeling that morning that you and all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas saved.


So many other fortunate things and interesting things have also happened:


1. I went to Paris on vacation for a week and because of your Dharma and Protection of Halo, I was able to stop a pickpocketing thief from stealing my wife’s wallet from my bag.


2. A lot of raining days in San Francisco, I notice that it rains when I practice my meditation in the morning and after I finish and leave for work on my bicycle, it stops raining. When I arrive to work and am inside the building, it starts to rain again. When I leave work to ride my bicycle back home, it stops raining. As soon as I arrive home safe and sound, it starts raining again. This has happened at least 5-7 times that I can count.


3. Also, because of what you taught me Holy Master, I’m able to avoid more people that have harmful intentions. I can definitely see it in their faces and eyes. I was able to avoid people attempting to cheat me for my money and block evil people from trying to help me when they really are only interested in personal gain for themselves.


4. What I also understand now is that everything we learn and the way we are taught is very similar to the way things we learned over 2,000 years ago. How we promote, practice, how we beg for food with our bowls, how you teach us the Dharma, how we build temples, etc. are all very similar to how everything was done long ago. I really noticed while studying the Diamond Sutra.


5. Last but not least, but I’ve really come to appreciate good people with such good hearts and good intentions. When I see someone good who does a good deed towards others or to me, I can really appreciate the heart-felt gesture and want to return the favor 3x greater back to that individual. I think this is truly why I am so grateful for you, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi.


Thank you Holy Master,