Notice of Excommunication

To be noted that, our Guang Huan Mi Zong temple has decided to permanently excommunicate Jun Wang (former clergy name: Miao Xing, aka: Zhen Lin) from the denomination because of her gross misconducts, including intimidation and extortion of others and misappropriation of belongings of our temple and other clergy members. Guang Huan Mi Zong reserves the rights to pursue legal remedies.

In the chaotic Dharma Vanishing Era, many Buddhists appear to be monks and nuns, but fail to follow the right path. Due to greed and illusion in their hearts, they hold misconceptions, profit from ill-gotten gain, misappropriate donors’ money for the temple, disrespect Buddhist masters and preachers, spread vicious defamation, sabotage the harmony of a Buddhist group, and blemish its temple’s image.

To prevent or mitigate such impacts and damages, those who have seriously breached precepts or have broken the law would be excommunicated from our denomination.

Since 2008, Miao Xing (aka Jun Wang, Zhen Lin), as a novice nun, misused Guang Huan Mi Zong and Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s names without authorization and solicited donations and fees for her personal use. She intimidated, extorted, cursed, and slapped other members of our group.

In 2013, our temple received reports and became aware of the problems caused by Jun Wang. An internal investigation was conducted and a disciplinary action commenced against Jun Wang. She was found to have severely violated Buddhist precepts and commit misconducts, including misappropriation, extortion, and intimidation. Jun Wang denied her misconducts and refuse to confess. Because of her severe breach of Guang Huan Mi Zong precepts and damage of the temple’s reputation, it was determined that Jun Wang be excommunicated from Guang Huan Mi Zong for three years. Her clergy name as Miao Xing was revoked and her status as a Converted Student and a Converted Disciple was also revoked.

Three years later, Jun Wang came back and relearned the Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma and recovered her clergy status and name. At the meantime, without the temple’s knowledge, Jun Wang has been misused Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s name to solicit donations under her appearance as a Buddhist clergy.

Our temple received reports about how Jun Wang scolded, bullied, and intimidated other nuns physically or through social media, out of her greed and jealousy. She spread rumors and caused conflicts within the Buddhist group, attempted to assault others who had different opinions, and verbally abused novice nuns. Her misconducts have severely hurt the image and reputation of our Buddhist group.

Therefore, after investigation and a grace period for her to confess, the temple eventually decided to ask Jun Wang to leave the denomination. During the process, she was founded to possess excessive belongs in a lot of suitcases, which is already a violation of the temple’s rules on personal poverties. Moreover, she claimed many of the temple’s properties to be hers and attempted to remove those from the temple. As the final resolution, the temple called the State police to prevent Jun Wang from taking away temple properties. Jun Wang became mad and threatened to tear down and burn some paintings from the walls of some temple’s structures. Her words and intent about removing and destroying temple properties constitute severe offense in our Buddhist teaching.

According to what stated above, because of Jun Wang’s severe breach and gross misconducts, it is determined by the temple that:

  1. Jun Wang’s clergy status shall be permanently deprived;
  2. Jun Wang’s religious name as Miao Xing shall be permanently revoked;
  3. Jun Wang shall be permanently excommunicated from the Guang Huan Mi Zong denomination.

All Guang Huan Mi Zong Converted Students, Converted Disciples, and followers shall be cautious about cases like Jun Wang’s offenses and learn lessons from it. Without written authorization from Guang Huan Mi Zong denomination, all activities performed by students, disciples, or followers are personal conducts and they should remain personally liable for any consequence resulted.

Guang Huan Mi Zong reserves the right to pursue legal actions for any misconduct that would hurt the images and reputations of Guang Huan Mi Zong and Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi.

Guang Huan Mi Zong Precept Committee

Dated: August 4, 2022