See for yourself



Having acquired a degree in Anthropology, and teaching Cultural Anthropology in a Junior College in my early years, I have never stopped being interested in the cultural practices of other people.


Now that I have lived to an older age, I reflect on what I have learned about how people view their place in the world.


In almost all cultures, (I never say all because there are exceptions to everything) whether advanced or primitive, people have their cultural ideas about death, health, nature, and the universe. If one looks at these cultures they will find an overwhelming number believe in spirits, both evil and benevolent.


When I read these stories that people have written about having evil spirits causing illnesses and they find someone who can assist them in removing these spirits by using an energy that is good and pure, I could not help but ponder this deeply.


I then contemplated about the differences between these actions of mercy vs. religions. A religion is a series of beliefs that concern the worship of a deity. While this form of Buddhism asks nothing of those that are healed except go out into their better life and do good deeds at all times. Now, that does not fit the “religion” definition.


At my age of 69 I had collected many irritating discomforts like poor sleep, arthritis, back pains, a heel spur, getting up at night 3 to 4 times to go to the bathroom, incontinence and celiac disease. I was pretty sure that I did not have an evil spirit; these afflictions are to be expected due to my age. So, I did go to an open to all event for three days to learn about the ancient Guang Huan Mi Zong Esoteric Health Dharma. Since it was not a religion, I wholeheartedly participated. We were given instructions for a meditative practice regimen of two times a day for just 15 minutes each.


After I practiced this meditation for a short 2 months I no longer get up at night, my back pain is gone, my energy level is like I was 20 years younger, my incontinence is under control, the arthritic pain in my knees has lessened, my bone density screening has now moved up to a much higher level, no osteoporosis any more, and I have a brighter outlook on life. I do not doubt that as I continue this meditation that the celiac, arthritis and heel spur will improve dramatically as well.


So, I propose that if you are tired of dealing with any aggravating illnesses you make the trip to upstate New York and see for yourself how you can self-heal.


I want to truly thank Guru Gold and Purple Buddha Light for showing me a way to self heal both my body and my mind. I have hopes to return for a second level dharma class sometime this fall.


Be Well

Eleanor G. 69 years old