The Power of Supreme Inner Fire Practice



The profound and deep “Inner Fire Practice” (“Tummo” in Tibetan) is the unique treasure of Supreme Dharma. It is the foundation to obtain great achievement. However, it is hard to find true instruction from an authentic master nowadays.


For those who desire to learn the Inner Fire Practice, here comes good news: the  Inner Fire Practice is now imparted in the Western Shrine by Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, who is the Vajra Guru mastering all teachings of exoteric and esoteric dharma.


During the Dharma Vanishing Era, while the H1N1 flu appears in Asia again, “the worst flu season in a decade” is occurring in the US with a soaring death toll. When the old era is transitioning into a new one, a natural and holistic way to prevent viruses and eliminate epidemics is needed. In order to help his followers relieve their flu symptoms and prevent the further spread of the virus, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi taught the first level of secret “Inner Fire Practice” to his students in the Five World Buddhas Temple.


“Inner Fire Practice”, is derived from Guang Huan Mi Zong Nine Vehicle Great Perfection Esoteric Dharma. The theory behind it is profound and deep. In brief, it is to light the spiritual fire inside a human body to eliminate bad energy. Nowadays, only Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi can teach the true instruction of it to those who have affinity.


Sitting on the sacred Mandala Dharma Altar, the Honored Holy Master imparted the truth of the universe to his followers: getting sick is the appearance of bad karma. One can practice Inner Fire and keep promoting Dharma to eliminate bad karma.


Holding the unbreakable Vajra and powerful Dharma Bell, the Honored One taught the hand gesture and mantra of supreme Inner Fire Practice to his followers. With Holy Master chanting the secret mantra, holy fire was summoned in his hand, and then the spiritual fire began to burn inside practitioners’ bodies. Started as a spark, actually this Inner Fire can expand as big as the universe. From the heat of this supreme fire, all viruses were turned into ashes, and only pure positive energy remained.


After eliminating epidemics, the Five World Buddhas Temple was covered in pure Buddha light. With divine Mandalas floating in the sky and wonderful music to be heard, the Temple resembled the Western Pure Land.


While all viruses, epidemics and bad karma were burning into ashes during the Inner Fire Practice, only pure positive energy was left in practitioners’ bodies. They were all grateful for being able to encounter this precious chance; one in countless eons of existence.