What is compassion?


What is compassion? There are many forms of compassion. However, there is no standard answer. Why should you search for the meaning of compassion? Or, should you let your soul naturally flow to seek its meaning?


The first time when I saw the Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s smile and compassion, my life had become illuminated unexpectedly. His compassion was immense with an unbiased acceptance to me without any hesitation or distinction. I had never seen or experienced such a person who could completely accept me, love me so much without a cause, and pay attention to me in such a caring way.


His warm smile and eyes, brightened my heart, like a sunflower blooming happily in the sun.



The Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi then revealed to us, the way to become autonomous and to set ourselves free. I burst into tears at once and could not stop tearing at all. I had been searching for a soul mate for over 30 years. I found him here unexpectedly. Every sentence from the Holy Master had entered into my heart. It was nourishing like the nectar of morning dew. It eradicated the source of my pains. It also helped to explore my hidden wisdom.




A tired mind traveler had finally arrived at the dock of the harbor. I could now stop the pace of wondering since I found the solution. I could have the peace of mind to allow my long lasting sadness to be healed. The Holy Master‘s wisdom has an insight into everything. The Holy Master’s dharma word mended all my afflictions and worries. The Holy Master’s esoteric dharma activates the origin of lives. For myself, I am no longer confused, no longer avoiding my fears, no longer needing to please anybody. I know there is another way of living; it is to myself, to do the best of my own.


When considering that the amount of love can be limited, the ability of love is limited and the giving of love is limited. However, my teacher’s words and deeds, allow me to witness the infinite amount of compassion. The love of the world is so narrow, while the compassion is so great.



Holy Master’s compassion hits our inner self, enables us to grow up, open our spirituality, and stimulate our vitality. If the word of love resembles blindness, then compassion is the awakening form of love. Compassion is not only given, it guides the direction of life, and helps us to explore the original form of life. Compassion is always surrounded by the wisdom of light.


The Holy Master teaches the Esoteric Dharma, that is, to provide each person a chance to link the energy of life and the energy of the universe. He helps us achieve a self-growth laddering process. When you practice according to the instruction, you will be integrated with the energy of the universe as a whole, and be able to blend yourself with the light of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. Then, it will be true to say the heavenly and mortal world co-exists with me and all things are with me.



If the whole world belongs to you, how can you be free? If the whole world is yours, how can you be powerless? If the whole world is yours, what else would you want? You are the owner of everything, including yourself. At this time, I just want to give! My heart has become softened, my heart has also become broadened, and my vows have been elevated. Compassion is the true form of life!



Compassion is so beautiful. The Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s compassion is the world’s most beautiful light! I yearn for it!


Paying homage to Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi.