Ephratah Villa



Ephratah Villa is a sacred land and a destination for spiritual seekers from all over the world.


Located on hundreds of acres of pristine forests at the southern end of the Adirondack Mountains, Ephratah Villa is unparalleled in its natural beauty.



Visitors can enjoy hiking on the many trails that will carry them through the sacred forest, brimming with a unique spiritual energy and home to a vast array of wild plants and animals. They will have a chance to immerse themselves in the natural world and find the peace and inspiration they need to heal and make progress in their spiritual practice.


All across Ephratah are streams, lakes, and ponds filled with pure, natural water. Visitors find this holy water is tremendously nourishing for the body and spirit, and is excellent for both bathing and drinking.



Dominating the property is the Spiritual Mountain. Climbing from the base to the peak of this mountain is a profound and exciting adventure, leading visitors of Ephratah Villa to new horizons of inner peace and wisdom.


As well as hiking, Ephratah offers many other facilities for adventure and recreation. An outdoor rope climbing and adventure course and an indoor climbing wall provide a test of strength, courage, and teamwork.




Outdoor facilities also included volleyball, basketball, archery, canoeing, and a full size swimming pool.


When it is time to go inside visitors to Ephratah Villa can enjoy the impressive library, attend classes in the huge conference center, take a break in the lounge, dine on the five star cuisine, our retire to their spacious, beautifully furnished, private rooms.


For a journey of adventure, healing, and profound insight, Ephratah Villa is a spiritual retreat center beyond imagination.