Rainbow Body Esoteric Practice


Rainbow Body is the state of transforming the physical body into rainbow light, transcending time and space, and returning to the origin of Dharma body. Rainbow Light Supreme Dharma is the highest achievement beyond the Three Realms.


Under an unprecedented condition, compassionate Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi guided his disciples to enter the state of transcending the mortal world and tapping into the cosmic divine, the origin of the universe, with his precious Rainbow Light Supreme Dharma. The cultivators transformed into rainbow light bodies and merged with the holy spirits of esoteric masters in the timeless river of history. The manifesting is the instant sublimation of physical body and empowerment of wisdom.


One of the practitioners, Lifang D. from Guangzhou, shared her experience: “I felt myself become lightweight, and felt myself covered by light. I became transparent, and saw red, white, purple and golden light, dazzling and splendid. There was a red lotus emitting bright light and I felt the energy channeling down inside of me. I was completely mesmerized in the wonderful and serene divinity of Rainbow Body. All my worries, attachment and ignorance were gone through this incredible empowerment of Rainbow Light Supreme Dharma. My wisdom blossomed, and my understanding of Buddhist teaching was elevated to a much higher level…I’m so grateful that Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi taught us this supreme Dharma!”