Heart-Center-Heart Esoteric Dharma



“Heart-Center-Heart” is literally translated from “心中心”, is the supreme Dharma from Buddhas. Holy Ziguang Shang Shi will transmit it to whoever can be qualified.


Its power is described in the ancient “Buddha Heart Sutra” –


The Buddha said:


“It can let devils develop great compassion;

It can make dharmas manifest freely;

It can keep one always connected to Buddhas;

It can keep Bodhisattvas affiliated;

It can let Vajras carry out their power;

It can gain support from celestial beings;

It can convert fierce beings into dharma protectors;

It can bring joy to all kings in the Ghost Realm;

It can help a practitioner achieve the power of Buddha,

The heart of Buddha,

The wisdom of Buddha,

And the prestige of Buddha.

It can make all wishes of a practitioner come true.

It can remove all obstructions, and gain support from the King of Heaven.

It can move everything towards Bodhi without turning back.

It can make one understand all undertakings in the world

From past to present to future,

All those who are with understanding,

Or without understanding, 

With wisdom, or without wisdom,

With virtue, or without virtue

Will come over and pledge allegiance.”