Guang Huan Mi Zong Sutras



Ancient and contemporary Buddhist sutras are sacred books, composed from the Dharma speeches of Sakyamuni Buddha and Holy Ziguang Shang Shi, and utilized as a means to further the practitioners’ understanding of Buddhist teachings and cultivation.


If people can follow the sutras and explain them to the others, their merits will be greater than an almsgiving of the seven treasures. Those who copy and disseminate sutras can receive various benefits:


I. For all the wrongdoings that have been done before, the minor will disappear, and the severe will become minor.

II. Staying away from evil; holding on to virtue. Possessing good looks, excellent talents and abundant fortune and fame.

III. One can be content always. No danger in the day time; no nightmares in the night time. The face will shine with a healthy glow. The energy level is high. Everything goes smoothly.

IV. Enjoying abundant food and clothing, a harmonious family, and enormous happiness and wealth.

V. One’s speech and behavior are adored by others. Being loved and respected by people everywhere.

VI. The foolish can become wise, the sick can become healthy, and the restrained can be freed.

VII. Being able to observe Dharma sincerely, make a great vow, plant good seeds and do good deeds for all sentient beings to attain immeasurable good results.


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