A Strong Affinity for the Dharma


Honorable Holy Ziguang Shang Shi,


I have been interested in and practicing Eastern philosophies for some years now. I came to the first three day Dharma series out of curiosity. After the first class I thought that this is wonderful but because I am blessed to be a healthy man, I mistakenly thought that I wouldn’t really need this Dharma and went home and went about my life. During the class we did a meditation and were told by you, Holy Master, to focus on our particular ailment and pray that is be gone. As I really have no serious ailment, I just prayed for peace and love. The next morning I realized that I felt so peaceful. The feeling was quite noticeable and I had forgotten about what I had prayed for during the meditation we had done. Then I suddenly realized that I prayed for this in the class. Well I could only think about you, Holy Master after that realization and knew from that point on that I have a strong affinity for this Dharma. I went to the next class of course and have gone to a few classes now. I have had e-mail exchanges with Elise and she is wonderful and has answered all my questions and urged me to continue to attend even if I was in relatively good health. I thank her for that.


During one of the classes we were given the Secret Code and when I got home it felt as though I had electricity running through my veins. I had so much energy.


Now I don’t seem to need as much sleep. I am waking up after six hours of sleep instead of seven or eight, feeling refreshed and have much energy throughout the day. I still carry that sense of peace also. I have been doing my own style of meditation and was happy with it but now I am following the Holy Master’s meditation closely and I can really FEEL the difference between the two. I feel really good and peaceful. I have realized so many benefits from these classes and would urge anyone to attend. I am practicing what we have learned daily and can feel the results.


The people who are a part of this spiritual community have made me feel so welcome. I feel that I have made many friends there in a short time.


Sincerely,Your honorable mission for health and peace for the world is very exciting and essential in this critical time in history and I am honored to be playing a small part in that by attending these classes. If it is my destiny to go further with you, and I feel that it is, that would be fulfilling a burning in my heart to assist people transcend their suffering.


Thank you for everything that you are giving to our planet and all the Beings who reside here.


Fred Midgley



Guang Huan Mi Zong Christmas Celebration 2010


This year the World Peace and Health Organization held a Christmas celebration in its home town of Amsterdam, New York. The first phase of the celebration was the erection of a statue of liberty in the organization’s Peace, Health, and Friendship square outside of its public headquarters at Five World Buddhas Temple, formerly St. Casmirs Church.


Members of the mostly Chinese organization, decorated the Statue of Liberty with ribbons and red roses and to the accompaniment of gongs and drums they raised an American flag over the square at 2:00 p.m. on Christmas day. Many curious onlookers drove past the scene and honked their horns in approval of this heartwarming gesture, and those who stopped to chat personally were given the traditional Chinese holiday gift of red envelopes stuffed with money and candy.


Just as the flag was raised a large flock of white gulls flew directly over the square and circled over St. Casimir’s Church for several minutes. At that same moment the solid cloud cover in the sky broke to reveal a brilliantly shining sun surrounded by a halo of golden light. Everyone present immediately sensed these events as a divine approval of the intentions of the celebration, and the mission of the WPHO, namely to spread peace, health, and work towards unity among the human race.



With this blessing of nature in their minds, the overjoyed participants of the flag raising ceremony proceeded down to the Goddess of Mercy Temple located at the former St. Michaels church to continue the day’s festivities with a series of talks, performances, and a Christmas feast.


In attendance were the Western and Eastern members of the WPHO, Amsterdam residents, Native Americans, and members of the interfaith spiritual community. Everyone enjoyed the chance to experience Eastern and Western foods, Christmas songs, and dances, and of course to receive Christmas presents.



The deeper purpose and meaning of this cultural and spiritually diverse event was highlighted in a touching and spontaneous speech by Native American activist, Fidel Moreno.


At the end of the evening everyone reflected on the reason for the celebration of Christmas, and the hope and meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ and the Saints of all religions.


By James