[Video] Dharma Convention for the Holy Days


On August 3, 2015, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi held a Dharma Convention in the Goddess of Mercy Temple at the Holy Mountain Buddha Land to celebrate the Enlightenment Day of Guan Yin Bodhisattva and the Birthday of Master Padmasambhava.


Holy Master gave his speech at the convention: “Guan Yin Bodhisattva is the one with Greater Self, without any Lesser Self… Founding the Holy Mountain Buddha Land is for gathering those Bodhisattvas who have the affinity and the root capacity so they can receive the Buddhist Dharma and blessings and attain Enlightenment as Guan Yin Bodhisattva.”


By Elise

Unforgettable Christmas Celebration – Goddess of Mercy Temple 2013



In honor of Christmas, New Years and the Birthday of Amitabha Buddha Guang Huan Mi Zong and the World Culture and Art Association held a fantastic Christmas celebration in the newly renovated Goddess of Mercy temple located in Amsterdam NY.


For weeks preceding the big day the team at GHMZ worked tirelessly to prepare the venue and performances. The decorations of the temple projected simultaneously spiritual splendor and holiday festivity. Of note were 3 spectacular new chandeliers, suspended gracefully from the tall ceiling by slender chains and shaped like Vajras, their thousands of crystals reflected brilliant light across the grand hall.




Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi opened the ceremony with a short speech welcoming the guests and the performances then began with a traditional Chinese lion dance. Two regal looking lions, animated vividly by the Lion Dance Team, strutted down the center of the temple’s main hall, paying their respects to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and receiving the spiritual blessing and offering of food from the Holy Master.




Welcomed next to the stage was a Mohawk Indian drumming group led by Edward Wren. Gathered together around their drum, the Voice of the Grove, they graced the audience with a beautiful and moving performance of traditional Native American drumming and chanting.




Another Native American musical performance was given by Erick, who dedicated a soulful flute solo as a prayer for the purity of the Earth and its life giving waters.




Chris, a local Muslim youth, gave thanks for the wonderful performances and told how his travel to the Holy Mountain and the spiritual practice he learned from Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi inspired him. Then, he played an original composition on electric guitar along with the drummer Matt. The piece entitled ‘Wave Dharma’ was peaceful and meditative.




Larry quoted Holy Master’s Dharma speech on “True Liberation” and gave a speech comparing the harmony between Buddhist and Native American spiritual philosophy to the resonance between drums. Larry praised Holy Master for the insight and wisdom he had gained after practicing GHMZ Dharma and making pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain. Larry talked about his Native heritage and the striking similarity between Buddhist and Native American prophecy predicting “a man in a red cloak, coming from the East, will restore the law of the Native American”.




The last performance was a colorful dance, featuring many different traditional costumes from the many different ethnic groups of China. The audience was invited to come to the stage for sharing the joyful moment. One by the one everyone came up the stage, clapping and dancing, drumming and singing together in a beautiful moment of holiday celebration and cultural exchange dedicated to world peace, human health and religious harmony.


By C.J.


Arrival of the Five Gods of Wealth Convention



On the sacred day of the arrival of the Five Gods of Wealth, pious sentient beings from around the country came to attend this rare convention. With the blessing of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, miracles appeared in the region where the convention took place, heavy snowing stopped, although the temperature outside was freezing, everyone who attended the convention felt warm after receiving the spiritual blessings.


The magnificent Hall of Five Gods of Wealth nestled in the Goddess of Mercy Temple, was energized by heavenly blessing. Hundreds of priceless Mani Jewels were piled before the sublime altar of the Five Gods of Wealth, and beautiful flowers adorned this great hall.


With the arrival of Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, the sacred ritual of welcoming the Five Gods of Wealth began. While the Honored One was chanting the secret mudra, the Five Gods of Wealth, in yellow, white, red, black and green respectively, were descending to the divine altar in the Holy Mountain Buddha Land. The Five Gods of Wealth began to radiate golden blessing of wealth and fortune to the attendees. Numerous invaluable treasures were falling from the space realm to this secret grand hall, reflecting splendid colors in gold and silver.


Starting with the explanation of the supreme affinity between the Five Gods of Wealth and Buddhism which was revealed by Shakyamuni Buddha, the exalted Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi began to impart the Dharma of Borrowing Wealth, Attaining Wealth and Using Wealth, as well as the great root capacity and reasons of giving the marvelous mudra of Five Gods of Wealth to the participants. Further, Holy Master illuminated the fundaments of retaining wealth, and the profound philosophy linking merit and wealth. By listening to His Holiness’ teaching, the attendees understood how to attain wealth and use it correctly.


“The mudra of the Five Gods of Wealth is a great remedy for healing poverty and greed. Those who have no fortune and live in poverty do not know how to use the wealth when they get it; and those who obtain some windfall do not know how to keep it. Therefore they usually become bankrupt soon or even die for the money. Such lessons can be seen everywhere. The Mahayana Buddhism of Guang Huan Mi Zong can help many people who have fortune to borrow money from the divine, to obtain wealth, transfer wealth, and more.” Holy Master expounded.


All the attendees were so grateful for gaining luck in this invaluable event, and having the chance to know the Dharma of Praying for Wealth, which was revealed to the public for the first time. Therefore they prostrated and paid homage to the Buddha wholeheartedly. Wishing for dharma and praying for wealth, they made vows before Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so that they could use the wealth they obtain to eradicate the obstacles, to benefit the beings, to fulfill their vows and to make contributions to the development and prosperity of the Holy Mountain Buddha Land.


Amsterdam Buddhist festival celebrates a legend

Colorful production an autumn tradition

By Edward Munger Jr.
Gazette Reporter


AMSTERDAM — People from as far away as Los Angeles and China gathered Thursday at the Goddess of Mercy Temple to begin a traditional celebration that would lead to gazing at the moon.


The temple, the former church of St. Michael the Archangel, was bathed in color both from decorations and from costumes worn by members of the Buddhist World Peace and Health Organization who, like millions of others around the world, consider the Mid Autumn Festival a celebration of great importance.


A table was filled with moon cakes, apples, bananas, candy and chips for the celebration that would follow a two-hour production that included a re-enactment, singing, dancing and kung fu demonstrations.


The festival, which dates back centuries, is rooted in the tragic legend of Houyi the Archer, said Jennie Wong, the organization’s spokeswoman, who recounted the tale in English and then in Chinese.


Houyi noticed the rivers were running dry and the land suffered from drought — likely the consequence of having 10 suns in the sky.


He shot down nine of them with his bow and arrow, the legend says, and became admired as a hero for relieving people’s suffering.


Later, Houyi married Chang’e, a woman considered “beautiful and virtuous” whose company he wouldn’t enjoy for much longer. The legend says Houyi went to visit a holy mountain where he met with a goddess. He asked her for a sample of the “elixir of life” and she gave it to him.


But the goddess told Houyi if he took it, he’d immediately become immortal and ascend into the heavens.


Unwilling to leave his wife Chang’e, Houyi instead gave the elixir to her to hide, but an evil apprentice saw it. That evil apprentice, Feng Meng, found an opportunity to get Chang’e alone and demanded the elixir at knifepoint.


With few options, Chang’e took the elixir herself and began floating toward heaven, choosing to land on the moon so she could stay as close to earth as possible.


Unable to seek retribution since Feng Meng ran away, Houyi instead set up an altar and put all his wife’s favorite pastries and fruits on it, starting a tradition that spread.


After recounting the legend, dozens at the temple Thursday did their part; some sang, others danced.


Lucas Wang, known by his Buddhist followers as Ziguang Shang Shi, offered a blessing at the end of the ceremony and wished all in attendance happiness and joy.


The group shared moon cakes and prepared for a celebration that would include basking under the light of the moon Thursday night.


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Photos by Ed Munger

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Buddhists sing and dance to honor the Mid-Autumn Festival in Amsterdam on Thursday. Sept. 19, 2013.


Buddhists re-enact the legend of 10 suns during a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Amsterdam on Thursday.


Spectacular Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

wm-Holy Master Buddhas Birthday


On April 8th of the Buddhist calendar, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, founder of Guang Huan Mi Zong Buddhism, held a Spectacular Birthday Celebration for Shakyamuni Buddha in the magnificent Goddess of Mercy Temple located in Amsterdam, New York.


Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi made his opening speech: “The birth of Shakyamuni Buddha 2,500 years ago ignited the whole world. He renounced his throne, and abandoned all his possessions in order to pursue the path of Enlightenment. His whole life was light for the liberation and salvation of human beings.”




After that, Holy Master had his disciple, with a walking stick and a bowl, demonstrate the style that Shakyamuni Buddha’s followers used in that era for disseminating the message of brightness.  “We pay our highest tribute to the Buddha to commemorate his profound compassion, and we should follow his example to help others, to let them have the chance to attain achievement through cultivating the Dharma.” said Holy Master.


Holy Master emphasized world peace, human health, and religious harmony can eventually be achieved one day, through diligent endeavor.


The opening performance was a fantastic lion dance, featuring unique and powerful movements. The project “International Lion Dance Performance Training for the Youth” launched by World Culture and Art Association Inc. offers young people innovative lion dance training, to express creativity and freedom. Dancing lions are the symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune, which bring excitement and joy to the audience and the entire celebration.


A Marine and Buddhist monk made a speech to thank Holy Ziguang Shang Shi for helping him restore his health and guiding him find the direction of life. He sang a song in Chinese, expressing the wish for all those who are seeking a home for their souls could return to where they belong.


Two young Mormons on mission were invited onto the stage and sang a beautiful hymn. They expressed their desire of cooperating in the mission of religious harmony.



The exquisite dance of “Thousand-arm Goddess of Mercy” reflected the compassion and love of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Gods for human beings. The guests were amazed by the wonderful performances including Buddhist mantra chant, Chinese martial arts, folk songs and dance.


wm-Guan Yin Dance


The celebration was followed by a ceremony of bathing the baby Buddha statue in the Five World Buddhas Temple, and ended with a dinner buffet serving delicious eastern and western food in the picturesque Western Shrine.


wm-Baby Buddha