Eye Opening Dharma Class and Cultural Exchange

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In order to thank the support and help of people from all walks of life, as well as facilitate the cultural exchange of the east and the west, Guang Huan Mi Zong launched various programs for people heading towards a healthy and happy life after the advent of Holy Mountain Buddha Land. Free Health and Longevity Class, Chinese Language Studies and Holistic Weight Loss Class were offered for different needs of people.


The second day of the class was Eastern Medicine Buddha’s birthday, and a grand ceremony was held in the Five World Buddhas Temple. The monks and laymen performed wonderful cultural and artistic performances.


Many local people with good affinity came to the class and listened to the honorable Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s Dharma speech, which was humorous, direct and illuminating. Many students were grateful for the compassionate almsgiving of Dharma instruction. Their faces were glowing with rosy color and brightened by joyful smiles.


Ashlynn, 11 years old, came with her mother. Although she had asthma, after practicing the health dharma for 2 days she could double the number of laps she could run during gym class.


Beth’s artwork reflected her mood, always using dark and dreary colors. After practicing for 2 days she felt a lot of trash in her body was washed away and she was inspired to start using bright and cheerful colors in her artwork.


Lorrain had heard of Guang Huan Mi Zong before, and finally she got the chance to learn the Dharma. Holy Master’s teachings impressed her deeply and helped her contemplate the direction of her life. She found the energy she gained had a positive influence on the people around her.


These cultural exchange programs have increased the understanding of Chinese cultures for the participants and deepened the connection and friendship between the east and the west. The Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma, as well as the Seven-Word Mantra, taught by Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi provides an entirely new theory and experience for the students. They were grateful for what they learned and received.


Health Dharma class


The Buddhist culture, Chinese culture and health culture promoted by Guang Huan Mi Zong have caused a ripple effect which can stabilize the society and purify the world. We wish the era when the halo shines upon the world can come soon.



Spectacular Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

wm-Holy Master Buddhas Birthday


On April 8th of the Buddhist calendar, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, founder of Guang Huan Mi Zong Buddhism, held a Spectacular Birthday Celebration for Shakyamuni Buddha in the magnificent Goddess of Mercy Temple located in Amsterdam, New York.


Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi made his opening speech: “The birth of Shakyamuni Buddha 2,500 years ago ignited the whole world. He renounced his throne, and abandoned all his possessions in order to pursue the path of Enlightenment. His whole life was light for the liberation and salvation of human beings.”




After that, Holy Master had his disciple, with a walking stick and a bowl, demonstrate the style that Shakyamuni Buddha’s followers used in that era for disseminating the message of brightness.  “We pay our highest tribute to the Buddha to commemorate his profound compassion, and we should follow his example to help others, to let them have the chance to attain achievement through cultivating the Dharma.” said Holy Master.


Holy Master emphasized world peace, human health, and religious harmony can eventually be achieved one day, through diligent endeavor.


The opening performance was a fantastic lion dance, featuring unique and powerful movements. The project “International Lion Dance Performance Training for the Youth” launched by World Culture and Art Association Inc. offers young people innovative lion dance training, to express creativity and freedom. Dancing lions are the symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune, which bring excitement and joy to the audience and the entire celebration.


A Marine and Buddhist monk made a speech to thank Holy Ziguang Shang Shi for helping him restore his health and guiding him find the direction of life. He sang a song in Chinese, expressing the wish for all those who are seeking a home for their souls could return to where they belong.


Two young Mormons on mission were invited onto the stage and sang a beautiful hymn. They expressed their desire of cooperating in the mission of religious harmony.



The exquisite dance of “Thousand-arm Goddess of Mercy” reflected the compassion and love of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Gods for human beings. The guests were amazed by the wonderful performances including Buddhist mantra chant, Chinese martial arts, folk songs and dance.


wm-Guan Yin Dance


The celebration was followed by a ceremony of bathing the baby Buddha statue in the Five World Buddhas Temple, and ended with a dinner buffet serving delicious eastern and western food in the picturesque Western Shrine.


wm-Baby Buddha



The Power of Supreme Inner Fire Practice



The profound and deep “Inner Fire Practice” (“Tummo” in Tibetan) is the unique treasure of Supreme Dharma. It is the foundation to obtain great achievement. However, it is hard to find true instruction from an authentic master nowadays.


For those who desire to learn the Inner Fire Practice, here comes good news: the  Inner Fire Practice is now imparted in the Western Shrine by Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, who is the Vajra Guru mastering all teachings of exoteric and esoteric dharma.


During the Dharma Vanishing Era, while the H1N1 flu appears in Asia again, “the worst flu season in a decade” is occurring in the US with a soaring death toll. When the old era is transitioning into a new one, a natural and holistic way to prevent viruses and eliminate epidemics is needed. In order to help his followers relieve their flu symptoms and prevent the further spread of the virus, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi taught the first level of secret “Inner Fire Practice” to his students in the Five World Buddhas Temple.


“Inner Fire Practice”, is derived from Guang Huan Mi Zong Nine Vehicle Great Perfection Esoteric Dharma. The theory behind it is profound and deep. In brief, it is to light the spiritual fire inside a human body to eliminate bad energy. Nowadays, only Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi can teach the true instruction of it to those who have affinity.


Sitting on the sacred Mandala Dharma Altar, the Honored Holy Master imparted the truth of the universe to his followers: getting sick is the appearance of bad karma. One can practice Inner Fire and keep promoting Dharma to eliminate bad karma.


Holding the unbreakable Vajra and powerful Dharma Bell, the Honored One taught the hand gesture and mantra of supreme Inner Fire Practice to his followers. With Holy Master chanting the secret mantra, holy fire was summoned in his hand, and then the spiritual fire began to burn inside practitioners’ bodies. Started as a spark, actually this Inner Fire can expand as big as the universe. From the heat of this supreme fire, all viruses were turned into ashes, and only pure positive energy remained.


After eliminating epidemics, the Five World Buddhas Temple was covered in pure Buddha light. With divine Mandalas floating in the sky and wonderful music to be heard, the Temple resembled the Western Pure Land.


While all viruses, epidemics and bad karma were burning into ashes during the Inner Fire Practice, only pure positive energy was left in practitioners’ bodies. They were all grateful for being able to encounter this precious chance; one in countless eons of existence.



Unprecedented Soul-Releasing Dharma Convention


The seventh day of Zhong Yuan, the Ghost Festival in Chinese tradition, fell on September 6th, 2012, or July 21st of the Lunar Calendar. It was the last day that the doors of hell were open; the great Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, compassionately held a grand Dharma Convention for people to pray, eliminate misfortunes and to release souls from suffering. The ceremony was held at the majestic Five World Buddhas Temple at the Western Shrine. In this Ceremony, the Holy Master offered unprecedented almsgiving.


Holy Master’s Profound Instruction and Soul-releasing for Ancestors of Achievers and People with Great Merit


The soul-releasing ceremony began with the merciful Holy Master beating the sacred drum, for all ancestors of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Great Achievers and people with great merit. This was to release their souls from suffering in hell, so as to enter the Pure Lands of the Buddha Worlds.


The thunderous drumbeat reverberated through space and boundless worlds, shocking the Three Thousand Galaxies. The Five World Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from Ten Directions were all present. They waited upon Holy Master with great respect and praised the Holy Master’s incredible merit. Hundreds of thousands of incarnations of the Goddess of Mercy flew through space to lead the dead to various Buddha Worlds.


The honorable Holy Master sat upright on the Nine-tier Mandala Altar; sparkling clouds of bright lights surrounded his body. He delivered the Buddhist teachings to people with affinity, and to immeasurable Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Nagas and Guardians, and other beings. Then he disclosed the meaning of Seven Lives and Soul-releasing. The Holy Master taught the secrets of Soul-releasing and allowing the dead to rest in peace, and revealed the past-life foundation for achievements as well as the rules of heaven and the spiritual world, offering attendees inspiration and deep insight.


The Holy Master told the story how the Buddha helped the souls of his own mother and the mother of Venerable Maudgalyayana to be released from Hell. He claimed that supernatural power is unable to eliminate the karma of ancestors. Meanwhile, the Holy Master once again reminded people of the purpose of coming to this world, and demonstrated how to start a thriving career so that people could attain achievement.


“The beginning of the soul-releasing is the beginning of a change of luck,” said the Holy Master.


Magical and Spectacular Scenes in the Soul-releasing Ceremony


In front of the statue of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the God of the Earth, eighteen preachers stood regally in two lines. The great and merciful Holy Master beat the drum and led preachers to chant the supreme soul-releasing Mantra sincerely, for the attendees’ parents for seven lives, generations of ancestors, karmic creditors, deceased friends and relatives, as well as the wandering souls killed in disasters and beings which are under severe torture in hell. Thus, they received a tremendous almsgiving.


When preachers chanted mantras, it seemed as if golden seed words flowed out from their mouths, echoing the drum beaten by the Holy Master. The great power and magical effects of the Soul-releasing Ceremony were shown. Hundreds and thousands of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s emanations were spreading over the boundless hells, to enlighten and save beings, and to perform the great vow he made before the Buddha. Hell’s door gradually opened. It was gloomy and bottomless inside. The Holy Master’s sacred power was manifested when the gold and silver ingots, which were made by preachers as they chanted mantras, suddenly burnt into flames.



Countless tortured souls across the Space Realm all turned into tiny shining stars and flew back to hell. They obtained the precious chance for reincarnation. The ghosts who had long been suffering in hell were relieved from their penalties and expressed endless gratitude to the Holy Master.


Attendees heard the sorrowful cry of their ancestors, and saw that their ancestors were guided by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. All those ancestors showed tearful thankfulness for the Holy Master. The dead souls of attendees’ ancestors of seven-lives sincerely made offerings to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva with treasures which preachers chanted mantras over. Their karma was resolved immediately, in the Holy Master’s thunderous drumbeat and secret mantras. Causation of the past was changed. Those who had done some good deeds could go to heaven, and penalties for those with evil karma were reduced.


Donating Everything and the Manifestation of St. Mary


An American artist, Ina, attended Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s health dharma class two years ago. Ever since then, she had various benefits. Being grateful to the benevolence of the Holy Master, after her sister’s death, she hired a lawyer to draft a will donating all her possessions to Guang Huan Mi Zong. She went to the Soul-releasing Ceremony and prayed for Holy Master’s help, wishing that her sister’s soul could go to heaven.


During the Soul-releasing Ceremony, Ina was sincere enough to connect with the message. She witnessed a magical scene. Surrounding by red light, St. Mary led her sister, who was a Catholic before death, to Heaven. Ina’s wish came true. She burst into tears with the deep love for her sister, and claimed once again that she would donate all her belongings to Guang Huan Mi Zong, including her house, her store and her business, to show her gratitude to Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi.


In this last day of the Ghost Festival, the endless number of ghosts and wandering souls returned to where they should be. Those that should be in hell returned to hell; those that should be in heaven were led to heaven. With infinite thankfulness of the attendees, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, deities, ghosts and other beings for Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, the grand Dharma Convention drew to an end.





A Life Changing Health Dharma Class


A Life-changing Class


A celebration for the Five World Buddhas Temple’s second anniversary was held by Guang Huan Mi Zong on June 28, 2012. The Buddhist temple is home to five golden Buddha statues and many Buddha tapestries. Hundreds of people coming from across the country and from around the world have attended the Health Dharma classes held in this temple in the past two years.


Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi delivered a speech to mark the special occasion, “This temple represents peace, health and harmony for all, and serves as a place to let people understand Buddhist teachings and Chinese culture.”



Following the celebration was a 3-day Health Dharma class taught by the Holy Master. Through learning the unique meditation techniques of the Health Dharma, many students found their energy level had dramatically increased, and attained a lot of positive insights into their lives.


Holy Ziguang Shang Shi encouraged all the students to do more good deeds, by sharing with others how they are benefited from practicing Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma, they can gain merits and help to better the world.



Roger Sohn from San Francisco, brought 10 family members and friends to make the trip across the country for the Dharma class. He said, “The teaching that we receive, is really precious and rare, and you can only get it directly from the Master here. If a person is able to somehow get the opportunity and actually make it down here, what you get out of it is really amazing. It’s really incredible.”


“To me it was life-changing.” He was very happy that his families and friend were able to experience positive change in their lives.


Roger’s wife Tiffany wrote in her letter to Holy Ziguang Shang Shi, “Thank you so much for your teachings these past few days. I enjoyed every minute of it and will cherish it forever. I am so grateful to see such a big change in my husband, Roger.”



Tiffany’s sister Theresa wrote, “I highly respect you for what you’re trying to accomplish in this world. Not many people would/has the strength and conviction to do what you’re doing.”


Amanda Elsheshai, Tiffany’s good friend, who did not sleep well in the past, slept very well during the 3-day class. She wrote in her thank you letter, “I am searching for the additional strength, focus, and validation; I believe learning from you and receiving the light from you will help me get through it.”



Crystal felt her eye problem was relieved and became more positive; several other young Chinese Americans also wrote down their gratitude for becoming more focused, relaxed, and energetic in their thank you cards to the Holy Master.


Everyone completed the class with great joy and gratitude, and the hope of coming back for the advanced class in September.


By Cassandra