Dharma Conventions in Autumn

Year of Horse, 2014, is a year of development for Guang Huan Mi Zong. In order to train talented people and facilitate the mission of peace, health and harmony, honorable Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi will hold an unprecedented “Future Bodhisattva Dharma Convention” in the Holy Mountain; this is the first “Verification and Prediction” Dharma Convention after Sakyamuni Buddha’s age, in this Dharma Vanishing Era.


Dharma Conventions in this autumn are as follows:


  1. August 18, 2014: The Angel’s Day celebration, Ground Breaking Ceremony of Treasure Land – Dragon Vein of Mohawk River and Commemoration Day of Pilgrimage Road. Converted Disciples can attend for free.
  2. August 25, 2014: “Future Bodhisattva Dharma Convention” will be held in the Western Shrine.
  3. October 16 – 27, 2014: “Fortune Esoteric Dharma Class” will be held. Treasure King’s “Fortune Attraction, Fortune Borrowing, Fortune Attaining and Fortune Application Dharma” will be taught, in order to fulfill the wishes of those who pray for gaining fortune, donating money and doing good deeds. One “Fortune Capsule” will be given to each student.
  4. October 26 – 30, 2014: “Expeditious Weight Loss” Esoteric Dharma Class
  5. November 23 – 28, 2014: Presenting the miniature of Holy Mountain Buddha Land, Projects Tender will be held with “Merit Almsgiving” Activity.


This year is filled with auspicious and joy. The Five Buddha Sanctuaries in the Western Shrine, like jewels on the crown, embody the wonderful art culture of Guang Huan Mi Zong. They are the quintessence of wisdom from both monks and lay people and serve as a landmark of the region, highly praised by pilgrims.


For more information of the Dharma Conventions, please contact us.



Application for Converted Student Class

First of all, I wish to express my great gratitude to Holy Master for accepting me as a student.


I was not raised in a spiritual manner, so have struggled most of my life to find my way to the right path.


I always felt a strong affinity to Eastern religion and it’s practices, and have read numerous books on them from various writers claiming to have the answers. I have meditated with the techniques I uncovered for many years, but always longed for a true, living Master to guide and teach me.
I feel that my prayers have finally been answered by leading me to Holy Master. It is obvious that he is a great being and I feel blessed to be in his presence.


And from what I have learned in my searching, I know that just finding a great master is not enough. You have to be worthy of such a great one’s time and attention. And this can often take many years to be accepted, if it ever occurs at all.


So I truly realize the great blessing I am receiving by being in Holy Master’s presence and his classes. And I would feel truly blessed and grateful to be able to continue to be his student. From the very beginning, I felt his presence within me, and the Dharma he taught has already benefited me greatly. I treasure this opportunity, and hope to diligently do the practice and follow the five precepts given to the best of my ability.


I used to dream of becoming a Monk and living in a monastery so I could devote my life to becoming enlightened. I am getting old now though, and I don’t know if I have the ability to follow such a path anymore. I definitely plan to continue on to the best of my ability and as far as it takes me though.


I think it would be wonderful to be able to continue on and become a Preacher so I could teach others. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, so I am taking it one step at a time. I am at a time in my life though where I may be able to devote more of my life to my spiritual practice.


At the very least I would greatly appreciate the chance to take the Converted Disciple class after the Converted Student class I am currently attending. As Holy Master has stated several times that the first three levels are really necessary in order to get the most benefit from the Dharma.


Thank You For Everything.


Bill Miller



Blissful Light in the Health Dharma Class

Bill is a senior database engineer and has learned some Buddhist theories and meditation. After he saw a poster on Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma class, he was really interested. He attended the 3-day Health Dharma class and wrote a thank you letter to Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi to express his gratitude. After the class was over, Bill lost 5 pounds and reduced his waist by 3 inches. He decided to continue to learn the advanced level of Dharma by attending the following Converted Student Class, to pursue his spiritual path.



I have only completed the first two days of the class so far.


But I have already had some wonderful experiences I wanted to share.


During the class, I saw light from the moon bathing my entire body, and felt and saw a strong white light glowing in my head.


After the second day of class, it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my chest. I felt wonderfully clear and blissful.


When Preacher Elise told me she saw I had a glow about me after the class, I could barely hold back the tears of joy and appreciation.


Later, while meditating at home as taught, I again had the sense of being filled with a wonderful, blissful light as it emanated from the moon and stars.


It sent waves of bliss and peace up my spine and throughout my body. I am so grateful to have been granted the opportunity to study with Holy Master.


I feel as though I have been given a great gift, and I only hope to be able to continue on this path and to make the most of Holy Masters generosity.



Bill Miller