A True Rebirth

America Tang


I have recently been privileged to discover the teaching of a true Buddhist Master: Holy Ziguang Shang Shi


Being from Peru, I am Catholic by birthplace more than by choice. My entire life I have been searching for that truth that I know is right under our noses, something inside of you, that super power that you know is within, but yet you cannot tap into it and make that power work for you, help you in your daily problems, guide you in times of doubt, take you by your hands and help you cross over all dangers, that source of intelligence that will go beyond all boundaries, that same energy that once aligned, will give you back health, happiness, prosperity, love, friends, relationship, hope; help you regain your confidence in yourself, your self-esteem; that one source of unimaginable power that we all know we harbor within just waiting to be explored and used wisely as life has intended.


I met His Holiness in January of this year and had a class of 3 hours daily. I only went under the insistence of my good friend and CPA Catherine Kam. I took my father. What I mostly got from that class is that I was to recite a Mantra for 15 minutes twice a day.


Well, with my usual crazy schedule, I did not do anything as instructed. Occasionally I did recite the Mantra. This was mid January.


On March 13 I went for a 2nd time for 3 days classes. But this time, after the class, I obediently did my mantra 15 minutes twice daily.


I can’t stop saying Wow! From the morning I wake up until I go to bed. I can’t wait to get home so that I can do another session of meditation, because for each time I do it again, my energies seems to soar higher and higher.


Only by doing this little effort, my life started changing around me already. The most important thing is my energy level started soaring. I could do so much more in a day, and best of all, I was so focused that I could identify problems and chose the right direction on how to do things more efficiently and with the best result. I was feeling happier by the day, I didn’t carry that weight on my shoulders (a lifetime disease with me) and just wonderfully great ideas, started coming into my head to solve problems in my company as they were presenting. As a result, my business stabilized after almost a straight year long ordeal of losses after losses. I implemented changes that seemed to work and little by little the pieces of the puzzle were fitting itself.


On the other hand, I bought quite a few properties in AZ and the market tumbled so badly and I was having a real hard time with vacancies and innumerable other problems that you can already imagine. Miraculously, my daughter Annette just announced to me, Mom, by next month, you have 100% occupancy. I said: What? I have never, ever had one month of 100% occupancy in the past 5 years.


As for my Dad who also attended all classes with me, and who couldn’t understand a word of what was said for 6 days, he recently started reciting his mantra with the help of his wife, April. They have both reported an incredible surge of energy. My 89 year old dad, who was already having some speech impairments due to some disconnect in his brains after his last surgery, started talking a bit more coherently and was able to read a Chinese letter that April was writing to her friend, something we thought he couldn’t do any more for the past 3 years. My dad is very happy to have had a chance to meet His Holiness and has recently reported that he wants to go back to the local community park to do his Tai Chi like he used to do 5 years ago.


All of us, every single one of us, men, women, child, white, Asian, black, Latino, regardless of race, color, religion, language and so on, has the power as great as our Universe all contained within our own little body. We are energy, infinite energy that has no beginning and has no end, it only transforms.


The beauty of this methodology is for people from all walks of life, you don’t have to give up your current religion, your way of life, your job, or your family. His Holiness is merely teaching you a way to harbor your own power within and make that work for you. He is not solving your problems, but teaching you how to help yourself.