Miracles I Witnessed

By Roger S.


When I was in the Western Shrine, I’ve witnessed first-hand, a couple of people who have had cancer become healed and their tumors mysteriously disappear without any surgical operation, radiation, or chemotherapy. I’ve seen people who appear so sick and about to die soon, bounce back and become rejuvenated and energetic once again.


I’ve witnessed a lady who had a severe case of hemorrhoids and couldn’t walk. She was bed-ridden. Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi gave her some Holy Water to wash herself and a few hours later, she sprang out of nowhere, dancing and singing a song in front of a large audience as if nothing ever happened. I don’t think that could ever happen at a hospital if a patient walked in asked a doctor to cure her hemorrhoids in two hours.


I’ve also witnessed many people emerge from depression and exuberantly happy. The individuals arrive at the Western Shrine appearing very dark, insecure with low energy levels, and leave the Shrine feeling and looking very happy, bright, energized, confident, and wiser.


Personally, I’ve had a long-time shoulder injury from playing tennis with the addition of heel spurs on my feet from playing sports with the wrong type of shoes. It was all permanently cured after staying at the Western Shrine for one week, with no surgical operation or injections. I even tried to purposely throw it again when playing tennis, but my shoulder is like brand new and perfectly fine.


I used to wake up every morning with bad allergies causing me to sneeze relentlessly for a few hours each day, but since I started my meditation practices these morning allergies have been completely eliminated.