The Great Profound Dharma of Guang Huan Mi Zong


I saw a picture during the practice. Its shape was like a leaf formed of countless small red flowers, with innumerable golden stars shining inside them. It was just as the Mandala behind a Bodhisat­tva. The fringes of the flowers were radiating millions of rays of golden light. Then these dazzling flowers were getting bigger and bigger. But just when I felt so delighted, it disappeared.


Another picture I saw was a silver halo. Inside the halo, there was a square with four blue shining precious stones on its four corners. There was another halo inside the square. I could not clearly see what was inside this smaller halo, but I felt like as if it was woven by silver threads, and mil­lions of silver stars were shining inside. The outer halo was radiating millions of silver lights. The four blue precious stones were dazzling with extraordinary splendor and beauty. I did not know whether it was a Mandala or not.


Another time when I was practicing the Dharma, I felt that I was in the boundless universe, and there was a blue planet right above my head. It was far away from me, but seemed to be so close to me. Suddenly there was a light radiating from the planet to my heart, and some pictures in the light were transferring from the planet to my heart, too. Later, when I finished practicing and showed my thankfulness to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, these pictures then flew back to the blue planet. At that moment, I could see a clear picture – it was a Garuda, exactly the same as the one in the Tibetan Thangka. It looked just like a black-and-white negative.


The most surprising and exciting experience was, I saw a bright red sun in the middle of my brows. There were five golden Buddhas sitting one by one longitudinally inside the sun, with the golden light shining and shimmering. This amazing view disappeared very soon.


It is easy to make a conversion, but hard to be enlightened. Through the recent practice, I thought over all these matters carefully and deeply realized how great and profound Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma is. I also deeply thank great and merciful Master Ziguang Shang Shi for imparting this supreme Dharma to us!


Jinlong Li