Unbelievable Transformation



It has been 10 days since I wrote the last thank you letter to you Holy Master, and already another 10 months have gone by.


The other day you looked at me during the class and mentioned that I had developed some inner power. It is true, thank you so much for helping me do that, before I met you I was so weak, I did not even want to get out of bed. By my own feeling, by what others say, and by looking at my own image, I can see a big difference. I feel more relaxed, confident, and powerful than I ever have, and each day I grow stronger. Every day my mind is moving, it moves in circles, but every time it turns around it develops itself. Before it would move slowly and I had trouble seeing any difference in my thoughts and behavior after several months or years. Now I see changes everyday. The acceleration caused by your Dharma is incredible, thank you so much.


The other day during the celebration of your birthday I could sing, and dance, and recite poems. I could never do this before, but I always wanted to. Before I felt squeezed inside and I couldn’t let anything out, now I can be relaxed and happy and express myself. Thank you, it is a huge relief and benefit for me.


I have felt a lot of things developing more in the past few days, my wisdom, my strength, my will, my heart of compassion, my ability to connect to others and the message, my confidence, the clarity of my heart.


It is wonderful and unbelievable this type of transformation.


And it has all come from following you,

Thank you so much Holy Master.