2019 Notice III

During this Dharma Vanishing Era, our world has been adversely endangered with its encounters of drastic changes, unpredictable weather, widespread epidemics, overwhelming difficult diseases, and wrongful karmic acts committed by immoral people. To resolve the human health crisis, and realize the great mission of “human health, world peace, and religious harmony”, the honorable Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi will unveil the “Esoteric Zen”, which is derived from the Nine Vehicle Great Perfection Dharma.

Program Schedule:

1) Zen Summer Camp
July 26 – August 6, 2019
Ages: 6 – 16 years old

This 12-day Zen Summer Camp offered by the Holy Mountain Buddha Land is manifested from Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s compassion for nurturing our outstanding future generation in our nation. The syllabus imparted in this program will develop children’s wisdom and potential, which will be extremely monumental in enabling their healthy growth.

2) Achievement Dharma Program for the Young and Middle-Aged
July 26 – August 6, 2019
Ages: 16 – 56 years old

The Level I and II of GHMZ Great Perfection Dharma will be taught in this program, which will have significant effects in relieving chronic diseases and pain; help to resolve the young and mid-aged health issues, optimize gene cells, benefit future generations of families and society, and prosper the nation.


1)Children enrolling for the Zen Summer Camp must be companied by their parents in this 12-day program.
Applicants of the Achievement Dharma Program for the Young and Middle-Aged must obtain support from their families and be free from obstacles prior to enrollment for this program.

2)Applicants of each program must bring a copy of an accredited physical exam record taken within the last 3 months and 4 passport photos (size: 2”x 2”)

3)Deadline: Written applications should be submitted to: ghmzzen@hotmail.com 10 days before the start of the program.

4)Enrollment /Reception will take place at Peace Hall, Holy Mountain Buddha Land.

5)Luggage is limited to two bags per participant.

6)All applicants should be casually dressed; purified in body, mind and soul; be respectful and follow all rules and regulations, as the GHMZ Holy Mountain Buddha Land is a sacred place for Arhats, Bodhisattvas, and the Holy Land of Buddhist Dharma practitioners.

Dated: June 18, 2019

Administration Committee
Guang Huan Mi Zong